Conversations for Change resources have been created so that others can explore it, share it with others, or even recreate it. You are welcome to download and use all of these. There is a Copyright Statement below with further information.


the story

The Story offers an overview of Conversations for Change, telling the story of what happened and who was involved. You can download it, and can print it out or email it to others.


the guidelines

The Guidelines offer an insight in to the processes developed and used by the Creative Team, to create the public interventions stage of the work. They end with suggestions for recreating specific interventions. 


Platform 2 Film

A 21 ??? minute film of the final intervention at Edinburgh Waverley Train Station.

Materials: A screen, or projector. The film is 21 ???? minutes long and is also available with subtitles. Test the file on your equipment in plenty of time before your planned screening. If it is not in the correct format, you will need to convert it or ask someone to convert it for you. 

How to: Invite a group of people to watch together, or play on a continuous loop as part of a display.

Tip: Print out some information about your project and ‘Support Lines’ for mental health like the ones belwo. After the screening people may join in a conversation afterwards about their thoughts on the question.

COPYRIGHT The purpose of these materials document is to continue the work of Conversations for Change. It hopes to inform, guide and inspire, groups and individuals who may like to learn more about the work, share it with others or undertake something similar.Permission is given for the PDF documents to be copied and distributed in any medium and format. Permission is given to take inspiration from, to recreate, adapt and build upon, any aspects of the work outlined in this site.  

However, you must not reproduce the work in full, nor claim ownership of the idea, or any material created by the project, and you should credit the original project as appropriate. You must not brand your work or event as a Conversations for Change work, and you cannot use the logo. The work can only be branded and the logo used by work delivered by it’s creator, or by prior permission of it’s creator.  If you have any queries regarding the copyright or the project, please contact © Pam van de Brug 2018